WïłDłïNGš can not be tamed nor duplicated

|| WïłDłïNG ÄrTïšTrŸ ||

How my story began....
It all started with an idea for a tea party. I wanted to create a space for my >>Trïbē<< to celebrate our unique differences from the rest of society. I came up with the name Wildling by simply calling my party the “Wilding Tea Party” a wild bunch of women celebrating our spiritual journey together. But it didn’t stop there. I wanted it to be a very special event for everyone to remember. We had this tea party on 11/11 of all nights and it was astronomical ❤️❤️❤️ the stars were perfect the food was perfect & my friends & I bonded with telling stories & letting go of unnecessary emotional baggage. My beautiful soul sister Lara G. smudged me for the first time & since that night my intuition has been growing.
So what is a Wildling you ask? Someone who was sent here to spread love and light. To help those who are lost. Some Wildlings are still lost themselves. It’s my personal mission to seek out my kindred folk & help them embrace their passions. To open up their minds and see the world clearly & not be conformed to society because I believe the higher we strive to be our better selves & not compare to others then the more we will see that miracles happen every minute of every day & God & the universe are on our side. There are messages sent to us everyday & I want to share with everyone what God tells me.
So I have “birthed” WILDLING ARTISTRY. My passion is to use my two hands to help others. Whether it’s through the jewelry I create or the herbal remedies I conjure. I do it with love & I put prayers and positive energy into everything so when received you can feel the LOVE that God has gifted me to share.

My shop is still a work in progress. I am a SAHM with a very busy toddler & a beautiful 12 year old who both require all of my love & attention.
I have so much still to add but I stay so busy putting my family first. I started an herbal medicine course & can’t wait to share my knowledge with you through my apothecary ☀️

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