Electroformed Crystal Necklace| Oxidized Copper| Sterling Silver Chain| Clear Quartz| Blue Kyanite| Lapis Lazuli

$31.35 $36.88

Beautiful Crystal Necklaces set in oxidized copper with sterling silver chains.

Each pendant was custom created and paired with a unique sterling silver chain that compliments the stone.

Pictured left to right|

(1) Blue Kyanite| 24” box chain
(2) Blue Kyanite| 24” faceted box chain

(3) Lapis Lazuli| 24” bead chain
(4) Lapis Lazuli| 24” box chain

(5) Quartz Point| 20” bead chain
(6) Quartz Point| 18” chain
(7) Quartz Point| 18” tiny box

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